A Letter From Matt and Loreen Sellitto,  Founders and Parents


Whenever we meet people we let them know that there are really no words. After 9/11 we realized that if we were to heal and move forward, we needed to do something to help others.  The Matthew C. Sellitto Foundation has done this for us these past 16 years.   Little did we know that in 2017 we would be faced with the loss of our younger child, Jonathan, and again we had to meet the challenge to again move forward.

Our original mission statement was simple—to help young people.  As we moved forward in growing the Foundation, we began to center our efforts on first-generation students attending college and in need of support. We will continue this mission by honoring Jonathan’s accomplishments in the Culinary Arts.

No, there are no words, but there are actions.  We hope you will join with us to help others by making a difference in the areas which made our sons the men they were.